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February concert recordings

To bridge the period of silence due to the Corona crisis Vocal Ensemble Kerkrade shares four recordings of its last virus-free concert which took place on 1 February 2020. We hope you'll enjoy these virtual choir sounds - and look forward to singing live for you again as soon as possible!

  • Muusika - P. Uusberg
  • Norwegian Trilogy deel 1 - M. King
  • Norwegian Trilogy deel 3 - M. King
  • Tenera iuventa - Z. Lukas
Results Choir Festival Limburg 2019!

In the weekend of 5 and 6 October 2019, Vocal Ensemble Kerkrade participated in the Choir Festival Limburg in Roermond. The women's choir from Kerkrade won a first prize in the A category with 272 points out of 300. The ladies became the second-best choir of the festival as a whole with an average score of 9.1 - and they're very proud of their silver accomplishment!

The jury consisted of John Damsma, Laura Tammeling and Jetse Bremer. A few comments from their report:

  • Beautiful, consistent choir sound;
  • Delightful starter (about our performance of the Icelandic Eg vil lofa eina pa);
  • Choir shows control in all parts;
  • Interesting choice (about our performance of the rhytmical Jubilate Deo);
  • Superb choir!
  • Fantastic and lovely choir sound (about our performance of Salve Regina).

The jury's advice for the short term: keep up the good work!

We congratulate Canto Rinato, directed by Ton Kropvisek, which won the title "Choir of the Year in Limburg" with a total of 278 points. We look forward to working with them in 2020 in concerts which will be too good to miss! We also congratulate the other participating choirs with their excellent performances.

The score we achieved during the Choir Festival Limburg entitles VEK to the accolade "NKF Excellent Choir 2019-2020", as well as the right to immediate qualification for the Champions Competition of the Wold Choir Games 2020 Flanders.

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